Advice / Big Picture

Real Estate and its various values along with the opportunities that it presents is quite amazing. For most of us buying our personal home may be the biggest single investment decision that we have ever made.

For those starting out it can be a scary new experience in taking on debt, responsibility and growth. It can be exciting and somewhat challenging.

For others it is a time of transition….whether that be moving to a new career option or taking advantage of retirement.  It can be a matter of managing assets and looking at the future with a greater understanding for what change can bring about.

For others it is investment in land or buildings to bring about asset positioning and or cash flow opportunities.

With such diverse and yet individual aspects of involvement in real estate there is an abundance of information easily accessible.  However, having quantitative information is not enough nor does it address unique needs or individual preferences.

We believe that the benefits are tangible when choosing someone who not only has  REALTOR® knowledge and experience but someone who has the expertise to provide the measured advice and quality guidance. Fact based opinion that will enable sound and informed decisions.

Personally, it’s so much more than bricks and mortar and the last sale down the street.

Having a ‘BIG Picture’ view of what is happening gives you a better understanding and makes the decision process a whole lot easier.  For example: Knowing what makes the local community tick,  what is happening within the district with local government, local transportation, school boards and their  plans for now and the future all have an impact. There are economic realities of today. What is happening in the development and commercial side of  Vancouver Island, how investment, economics and transportation are impacting growth and change. Vancouver Island is a very active and ever-changing location. It is highly sought after for tourism, and lifestyle living.

In my mind, it is an imperative essential for us to be viewed as a team that is dedicated to first understand, validate and then provide as much relevant information as possible while assisting in the value selection and decision making process.

I and my team look forward to the opportunity of being your chosen REALTOR® partner.

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